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Top Picks (top 100 sites) Michael (totally useful all around resource) (a most solid directory of R.E. related information) Tom (another great starting off point to find what you need) Michael (a monstrous directory to get you going) Michael, again! (again, a huge directory to get you moving) Mike you rule (creative investment education and support) Scott (friends of fizbo’s) Bill (deep resources in real estate) Jon (serious subscriber support) Joel (one word “links”) Trent (well respected directory) (guru central) (all around great resource, articles) Lara (Super resource to get going) Mike (lot of respect for Bill Bronchick) Bill (solid directory)

Research sites (your “must” source for news) (very large information resource) (latest real estate news) (economic news) (all the news) (latest market news) (news) (apartment owner’s industry news) (R.E. tools for investors) (analysis) (relocation guide to cities) (find your ideal spot) (market conditions) (electronic newspapers) (city and school facts and more) (state facts & info) (statistics of the U.S.) (get your data here) (data quick news and stats) (your phone book and more) (homes for sale nationwide) (what’s it worth, comparables free) (public records search) (find an owner thru research) (find owners in trouble) (launch a direct mail campaign) (insurance issues) (scroll to real estate, huge resource) (background checks) (multiple search databases) (credit reports on tenants)

www.FINDTHESELLER.COM (track them down) (find the tenant who owes back rent) (auctions) (go to real estate) (gov’t property sales) (go deep into gov’t site) (national housing links) (buyer’s agent directory)

Financial (your states mortgage rates & news) (get your credit score) 888-397-3742 800-888-4213 800-685-1111 (today’s rates and more) (calculator) (mortgage trends) (solid mortgage news and resources) (financial/loans) (100%cashout, non-owner occ) (mortgage discussion) (rehab lenders) (more rehab funding) (stop foreclosure) (calculator heaven) (32 different calculators) (calculators/loans – Texas) (calculators and more) (higher math) (calculators & relocation info) (finance) (4free finance books) PDF (find a good warranty co.) (home warranties) (military forms resource) (hud-1 settlement statement)

Inspection/Appraisal (free inspection reports) (click on “.org”) (find your appraiser) (find your appraiser) (ask an appraiser) (general valuations) (valuation tools) (comparable data providers) (find a home inspector) (5000 inspectors) (tips) (5000 inspectors) (ask a home inspector) (ask a home inspector)

Contracts/Forms Suppliers (make a flyer) (you’ll love it) (more love) (forms in pdf) (pay for the form you need) (more forms) (ditto) (ditto) (free contracts – excellent!) (free contracts – all 50 states) (free – Colorado contracts) (more free forms) (creative forms) (then follow “finance” to real estate) (free) (find an attoney) (sample forms/ lawyer search) (find an attorney) (find an attorney) (every lawyer on the planet) (questions answered free) (law resource) (free tenant move-in checklist) (free landlord forms) (bandit signs galore) (wide variety of signage) (supplier of signs) (advertising signage supplier) (one key for all the rentals)

Forums & Networking (my attempt to bring us all together) Dan (creative investment) JP (property management) Jeffrey (landlord protection) John (free landlord forms) (networking) (positive cash flow) (clubs) Cameron (friend to all, R.E. investor resources) Bruce (lease-option forum) (20 repair forums) (43 finance forums) (clubs & associations) (more clubs) (apartment owners’ associations) (real estate clubs nationwide) JP (clubs) (more clubs) Tim (ladies discussion, scroll to bottom) Laura (newsgroups & lists) (real estate forum) (discuss & more) Craig (networking triggers) Malcolm (do it) Jeff (forums galore) Michael (land trust and creative r.e forum) Bill

More bulletin boards of interest (forums) (owner financed homes for sale) Greg (r.e.investing resources) Bruce (wide variety of useful articles) Michael (solid community of investors at the dealmakers above) (the best land lord site on the planet) Jeffrey (the next best landlord site on the planet) John (jerry knows the mobile home game) (foreclosure experts) (Steve) (Steve) (serious r.e.investment community) (widely read bulletin board) (free listings, bulletin board and more) (the granddaddy of creative finance) JP (excellent texas based site) Bill (well covered topics list here) (lease purchase and more) Michael Liz (lease purchase) Jeff (quick offers and tons of resources) Tim (good forum a little agent biased) Michael Robs place (quality discussions)

State specific (forums) Arizona Arizona again! California N. Carolina S. Carolina Colorado D.C. Maryland Georgia Indiana Indianapolis Iowa Kentucky Massachusetts Oklahoma (Tulsa) Oregon Phoenix Arizona Texas Dallas Texas Houston above. Utah (group) U.S. Land Directory of forums 43 forums 100’s of forums

Don’t laugh serious sites below (forums) everything garden and more home and garden t.v better homes and gardens choose your board at ivillage do it all yourself remodel discuss its how things are done ask Deano (every forum under the sun)

Technical & Marketing (forums) (one of the coolest sites I’ve seen) (tech-guru’s of real estate website design) (webmasters found here too!) (build a site overnight) Lynn

Money (wall street journal on-line) (financial times, world news) (spots trends, events and opportunity) (your eye on business) (information on the razors edge)

Commercial Investment Club (top stories) (latest commercial news) (commercial properties for sale) (directory of resources) (browse navigation bar) (exclusive buyer’s agents) (ask Pete, he knows everything!)

1031 exchanges (read about exchanging) (1031 exchanges facilitators)

Home Improvement (plan your work) (remodel it) (super site) (home plans) (draw your plans) (find a builder under resources) (finishing touches) (plumbing repair forum) (the world of paint) (be smart about carpet) (wood floor Q’s) (the garden)

Reverse Directory (reverse lookup) (multiple directory) (find numbers) (general addresses) (multiple search options) (latest multiple source) favorite! (find people, places & things) (last chance) (no more real estate agent calls)

Street-finders/ Maps (maps) (aerial photography & demographics) (E.P.A maps) (data, data, data) (travel) (helps you relocate smoothly)

FSBO SITES (directory of places to go) (top 100 fsbo sites) (81 fsbo sites) (national fsbo homes for sale) (florida)

List Your Home for Free or low cost (total support/free) Dan (free) Sue (free – also forms under resources) Wally (free) Connie (free ads & articles) Becky (free) Don (free) Bill (free) Levin (free) Jeff (free) (free) Michael (free) Richard (free) (free) (free) William (free) (free and guide) John (free and guide) Gina (free or paid MLS) Randy (30 days free) Jerry (free) Jerry (free) ($199.00) (free or broker $995 flat) Don (free contracts, lender owned) good (alternative, lender owned) (low fee) (low fee) Wayne (low fee) David (low fee) Randy (low fee) Alana (low fee) (low fee) (low fee) George (low fee) Laine (low fee) Michelle (low fee) Damon (low fee) (low fee) (low fee, largest inventory) Steve (low fee) Shawn


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