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Quick Business Tips 10 October 2006 Vol 2 No# 16 by Debbie Mayo-Smith
Helping you boost productivity and business success

1. Cool Business Development Ideamore bang for your buck

2. $500 Ezibed Accommodation Contest

3. A Habit of Influential People: How do you handle stressed conversations?

1. Are your clients business people?
Great idea to increase your turnover and value add for 2007

Skip advertising. Skip prospecting. Skip renting lists.

There’s diamonds in your back yard. So much new business and referrals just waiting for you. And it’s from your existing clients.

How do you mine your gold? How do you exceed your client’s expectations? Do something that’s a “What’s in it for them” and in reality you’ll reap the reward.

Let’s work together to run a “Thank You” Business Seminar for your clients.
Not one where you promote your products or services overtly. Rather, run it as a reward for doing business with you. A thank you, you’d like to help them be more successful in their business.

How it works:

  • You invite your top clients
  • If appropriate ask them to bring along their clients or peers
  • Bring me in to run an hour long business improvement seminar (based on your briefing of their needs, industry, interests.)
  • I can create detailed handouts for the seminar.
  • You can record or video the presentation and have it as an extra gift for them.
  • I can assist you with drafting the invitations, email distribution, prompts and even an after event follow up (without extra charge).

Why not drop me a line for a quote to help you run a client thank you seminar? Or telephone 64 9 575 5359

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2. Great pre-Xmas contest – $500 Ezibed Accommodation

I’ll never forget the great story Gareth Pearse told me over dinner once. At that time he was the executive manger for The Chateu hotel in Mt Ruapehu. He took a breathtaking digital picture after a snowfall one morning and emailed it to TV One news. They featured it on the evening news. What better promotion could you ask for?

Well, he’s now the marketing director for EZibed.com (an easy to use site with last minute discounted rates on New Zealand and Australian accommodation. 400 properties with over 1000 available room deals in over 60 locations available.) He has offered you a chance to win $500 in accommodation.

Here’s your simple contest:

3. A Habit of Influential People: How do you handle stressed conversations?

“You can’t do that” was Steve’s retort to Mike’s suggestion.

Mike fired back a dirty look and the blood pressure of both men clicked up a notch.

Mike’s enthusiasm evaporated and what could have been a good idea died instantly.

This is a common moment in many business meetings … big withdrawals from the emotional bank account and lost opportunities to move the discussion forward.

If Steve had exercised discipline in applying the 4 steps of an age old process there would have been a different outcome to the discussion.

Step 1 – Acknowledge the person
Even if you don’t agree with the comment. Acknowledgement can be a smile or the gift of undivided attention.

Step 2 – Give a reason to explore another angle
The reason has to be plausible, even encouraging to the person who proposed the idea … and free of all judgment.

Step 3 – Gain Permission
Whilst giving the reason to ‘go’ somewhere else ‘listen’ for approval to go on. This too is often communicated with body language. If the permission is not forthcoming go back to Step 1.

Step 4 – Ask a question
A high quality question. A high quality question demands just the right amount of mental stretch to answer.

Mike, the Financial Controller’s suggestion was to close the Takapuna Branch. Steve is the Sales Manager. This is how Steve could have responded … with a genuine interest in understanding the way Mike was thinking.

“That would save a heap of overhead. But I don’t understand how much it would impact on the key accounts around Takapuna. How would we maintain the service?”

It is a simple idea, but sadly, especially once we become familiar with people we sometimes lack the awareness and discipline to apply it. Highly influential people have this process deeply ingrained and can apply it even under pressure.

A contribution from Donald Jessep, professional speaker and business facilitator. Donald helps people acquire the understanding that allows them to thrive in their work and can be contacted through his website www.profitableteams.com

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