How To Get Rich Fast In The 21st Century

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How To Get Rich Fast In The 21st Century

By Jack Reynolds

Are you noticing more rich people getting around? The tell tale sign is the imported luxury vehicles and the upgrading of whole neighborhoods. People are leaving their jobs and retiring by the hoard. They are taking world cruises and flying to exotic destinations on a whim. They get around in dark gold sun tans and gold thick chains adorning their shoulders. They seem more relaxed and fresh.

See, 200 years ago during the height of the industrial revolution there was interdependence. The general philosophy from the perspective of the common man during the industrial revolution was that “I the worker will work and you the company will look after me in my old age” A symbiotic relationship that was not so much a written contract as a social obligation. After all its only fair. We the company get good solid labour to churn out washing machines and fridges and earlier steel works products like horse and buggies and steam engines and the like. The industrial revolution was about metal. Metal the material and metal in attitude. An everlasting commitment from both sides of the coin. The company and the worker.

Then something imperceptable happened. The industrial revolution began to fizzle out. Its not clear whether it was workers who revolted in droves and began to demand a better life. Or was it the companies that drove them to it in their never ending quest for share holder profits. If I was to guess, based on my observation I would say its likely the former.

In fact, I think our grandparents and their grand parents were taken for a ride. There was never really a forged contract. What really happened was that the company discarded the tired old beat worker, and they were left to fend for themselves or for their immediate family to see them in to there final resting place.

Sad stuff. Thats life they say. Well, something is happening around you right now. Something strange. One could say the industrial revolution gasped its final breath in the 70’s early 80’s when the advent of the personal computer leveled the playing field on all fronts.

Something rapid and fast is passing us by. If the industrial revolution spanned 250 years, the new paradigm shift is changing at a rate of every decade. The late nineties were a blurr for me. I made money, hand over fist.

If the industrial revolution was about personal enslavement to a corporate Father. This existing paradigm shift we are witnessing is about rebelious freedom against the father.

Here’s the thing. Money is spare and lying around on the streets. Look at the phenomenon of deregulation. A world wide trend that see’s no end in the immediate future. Everything is becoming deregulated. The walls are coming down around us everywhere. Protected and conserved sources of revenue that were once the domain of “the in crowd” is now available to anybody who thinks they can do the job quicker and smarter then the next guy.

Wealth permeates our lives like oxygen today. It is astounding that there are men and women out there that cling to a regular job. With such low risk high yield opportunities present where ever one looks.

Value, spare value has been deregulated. What is value if not the embrionic form of money. Percieve spare value and you are looking at money. All you have to do is convert that spare value into cash.

This paradigm shift is being played out in Real Estate, Cars, Boats, Planes, Used Power Plants, Apartment Blocks, Copper Wire, Commodities.

It makes little difference, for every bit of spare value you can uncover or create from thin air, there are a dozen buyers with cash begging for you to sell to them. You just have to see it.

In the early years of last century, there was a prolonged golden age. From the turn of the century to the late 20’s when the depression finally hit.

Oh, its coming. The big hang over to this party is coming and its the poor that will pick up the check. But as far as I can see it is no where in sight. This isnt a small cycle, this is a huge Tzunami of wealth and opportunity poured across our paths simply because we are lucky enough to be around in this time frame.

I haven’t got a crystal ball. But I look at the indicators and the way the worlds powers are behaving and nothing could be clearer. This party is here to stay. Its going to be a long and drawn out money bath. China is looming large, about to make her waves in the fiscal oceans of the worlds economy. She is a titan as an economic power for one of the same reasons The US of A is. The reason is sheer numbers. The demand is going to be incredible from that part of the world as the peasants and farmers rapidly assimilate and begin living like westerners requiring all the conveniences we are now used to. Third world countries around the world are lining up to take that same path.

When we say let the good times roll, I mean it literally. This thing is not going to end for another 20 maybe 30 years.

We have had recessions and small dips and rises. But this is different. They were talking about a paradigm shift in the mid nineties, but they didn’t count on being right. How to get rich fast is to leap on this opportunity with both hands.

You have plenty of time as far as I can see, but why wait.

Jack Reynolds was a broke Insurance salesman only 2 years ago, today he owns assets valued at several million dollars. What did Jack do in 24 short months? You can read about Jack’s remarkable and rapid transformation and download Hayden’s famous book “The Million Dollar Mentor” by

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