Is a College Degree Worth It?

October 14, 2006 — Leave a comment

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I have absolutely nothing against Higher Education.

I am against, however, being spoon fed that people need to go to college and get a good job in order become successful in life. All the info on this page is from credible sources.

The point of this page is not to completely doom and gloom people. Is it not meant to encourage people to go to their parents or guardians and cause a seen. What this is meant for is for people to realize that even though their mind is the most important asset they have, the way they think is equally as important. Filling a head with rubbish will entail equal results in productivity. To be successful in life, people must surround themselves with successful people and think successful thoughts. Easily said, but are most people hanging with the right crowd?

Even Bill Gates debunks the Myth that having a degree makes a difference.

Is a degree still worth having? (

Prepared remarks by Bill Gates (

Is College Worth It? (

College Vs. No College (


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