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October 19, 2006 — 1 Comment

Terms to know in Real Estate Investing

We are not lawyers, we are real estate investors!

This is an exhaustive glossary for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


Deeds of Trusts and Mortgages, Title Companies and Lawyer Closings, lots to know. We place great terms here.


The provinces have different terms and procedures from each other. We do our best to list terms to know in canada.


The states, especially in Lease Options, have unique differences.

New Zealand

The North Island and the South Island have close similarities, but Lease Options are brand new, and Wraps are not favored by the banks.

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Glossary – Z

A zoning regulation which allows certain properties to have buildings placed up to the line dividing separate properties.ZONE:
An area of a municipality to which certain rules, regulations, bylaws or ordinances apply.

A rule passed by the local government which regulates the use of property according to its location within the municipality, placement of structures on the property, maximum floor area, minimum lot area, minimum floor-to-lot area ratios, etc.

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