Glossary G

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Attorney appearance form. Blue form that must accompany any immigration application in order for an

attorney to be officially entered as attorney of record and to receive copies of correspondence.


Detailed biographic information form that is required with an adjustment of status application and other

petitions. One of the copies is sent to the embassy in the native country and another is sent to the CIA to

perform records checks. Required for all adjustment applicants fourteen years of age and over.


An egg or sperm cell.

gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)

A technique in which eggs are placed into the intended mother’s fallopian tubes with large numbers of


gap financing

See bridge loan.

gap loan

A temporary loan to supply needed money before a sale or longer term financing can be completed. It is

arranged quickly, easy to get, and expensive.


To order a third party to turn over to a creditor any property that is being held for a debtor.


A legal action to withhold wages or other assets for payment of a debt.

gay straight alliance (GSA)

School support group of children of GLBT families or gay teens.

gender identity disorder (GID)

A classification by the American Psychiatric Association of transgender individuals.

general agent

A general agent is a much different concept than that of a retail agent. In the property/casualty context, some

insurers contract with general agents to perform underwriting and claims functions rather than to hire their

own employees to perform the underwriting and claims functions. In other circumstances, insurers contract

with general agents to perform underwriting functions only, commonly for limited classes of business, such

as restaurant policy programs. In the life insurance context, insurers sometimes contract with general agents

to be their exclusive marketing channel for the insurer’s products. In order to sell that company’s products,

an agent must be a subagent of the general agent.

general contractor

Party that performs or supervises the construction or development of a property. The general contractor may

use his or her own employees for this work or the services of other contractors (subcontractors).

general duty clause

The Occupational Safety and Health Act requirement that every employer furnish its employees with

employment and a place of employment free from recognized hazards that cause or are likely to cause death

or serious physical harm.

general employer

An employer who transfers an employee to another employer (called the special employer) for a limited

period of time. While the transfer is in effect, the special employer has temporary responsibility and control

over the employee’s work.

general maintenance

Upkeep that can be anticipated and performed on a regular basis or that is minor in nature.

general partner

A partner who shares ownership and has full liability for the debts of the business.

general partnership

A business that is owned by two or more persons.

general power of attorney

A power of attorney that gives the agent very broad powers, generally to conduct all kinds of business on

behalf of the principal.

general release

A legal writing setting forth the terms of the settlement. It prevents the plaintiff from seeking further legal


general warranty deed

See warranty deed.

generation-skipping trust

Trust designed to skip one generation of estate taxes because the trust leaves the principal to the grantor’s

grandchildren, not the grantor’s children.

genetic (DNA) testing

The analysis of blood or saliva to obtain genetic information that can identify the parents of a child.


A particular type of music; rock or country, for example.

geriatric care manager

A professional service provider who assists in long-term care planning by seeking suitable facilities for the


gestational surrogacy

The intended mother’s egg is implanted into the surrogate with the intended father’s sperm to conceive a

child. The surrogate has no biological relationship with the child.

GI loan

Old term for a VA guaranteed mortgage loan.


Voluntary lifetime or at-death transfer of property, made without compensation.

gift letter

A letter from one who is giving money to a buyer for part of the down payment. The letter must state that

the money need not be repaid.

gift tax

Tax on lifetime transfers of property given without consideration or for less consideration than the property

is worth.

Ginnie Mae

The Government National Mortgage Association. A government agency that guarantees payment to those

who buy certain types of mortgage backed securities.

glass ceiling

The invisible barrier to advancement sometimes faced by women and minorities.


The actions taken to achieve a business purpose.

golden parachute

Payments promised to key personnel in the event of a change in ownership or control of a company.

good will

In accounting, the monetary value placed on the good reputation of a business. It is considered an asset of

the business. Typically, an organization that has been in business for a number of years and enjoys a good

reputation among its customers has more good will value than a new company.

governing documents

Set of legal papers, filed by a developer with the appropriate local government office, that submit land to use

for, create and govern a Community Association.

government mortgages

Mortgages insured or guaranteed by the government.

Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA)

See Ginnie Mae.

grace period

(1) The time between when the billing cycle closes and the date you have to pay the balance by to avoid any

finance charges. (2) Time allowed to get something done.

graduate payments

Student loan payments that begin low and increase over time, often beginning with interest-only payments.

graduated payment mortgage

A mortgage loan that begins with a low monthly payment that gradually increases to an amount necessary to

amortize the loan over the term. Its purpose is to help buyers who expect future income to increase.


Amendment to a governing document that changes rights or restrictions while preserving an owner’s rights

who relied on the documents at the time of purchase.


A person who received property from another.


A person who transfers property to another.

grantor trust

Living trust in which the grantor maintains enough control over the assets so that the trust income received

is taxed to the grantor, not to the trust or to the trust’s beneficiaries.

green card holder

See lawful permanent resident.

green card number

See A number.

green card stamp

Refers to the temporary stamp placed by a USCIS officer into a person’s passport signifying his or her

adjustment of status.

gross estate

Property owned by a decedent at death. Value before debts are paid.

gross income

Sales less cost of goods sold.

gross monthly income

Income received each month from every source before taxes deductions for employer incentive savings

program 401(k).


Water that is present in the subsoil.

growing equity mortgage (GEM)

Graduated payment mortgage in which increases in a borrower’s mortgage payments are used to accelerate

reduction of principal on the mortgage.

guaranteed insurability rider

Addition to a life insurance policy that allows you to purchase more insurance without going through

medical history or exams.

guaranteed issue life insurance

Life insurance that is offered regardless of a person’s risk of death.

guaranteed loan

Loan that a government agency assures the lender will be paid back even if the borrower defaults.


Person who is also liable for another’s debt or performance.


Agreeing to be liable for the debt of another.


A person appointed by the court to handle property and personal matters for another individual.

guardian ad litem

The person, usually an attorney, appointed by the court to watch out for the best interests of the child during

the court case.

guardian of the person

A person who is authorized by a court, pursuant to a guardianship proceeding, to make decisions regarding

the care of another person.

guardian of the property

A person who is authorized by a court, pursuant to a guardianship proceeding, to handle the financial affairs

of another person.


(1) A legal proceeding to determine whether a person is legally incompetent and should have a guardian

appointed to care for the person or the person’s financial matters. (2) The legal relationship between a

guardian and a ward.

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