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Peace-of-Mind That Fits

In Your Back Pocket

Do you read the newspaper and worry about what will happen next? Will your wealth dwindle along with the economy? Will excessive taxes eat into your savings and ruin your retirement? Will a bland stock market steal your future?

Or maybe you find yourself daydreaming…about living a luxurious life without having to earn another dime if you don’t feel like it….about finding secret Mediterranean islands, cozy Caribbean hideaways, and tax-free Alpine retreats…

What can you do with your worries when so much is out of your control?

Or with your dreams when they seem so out of reach?


Find out how an easy-to-obtain document that’s small enough to fit in your back pocket can take all the worry out of today’s headlines…and land you in a world of possibilities that are known only to a select few…

Dear Friend,

What I’m about to share with you could change everything…your tax burden…your investment opportunities…your retirement outlook…your quality of life…your peace-of-mind…even your sense of personal safety and security.

This secret is no bigger than your back pocket…but so powerful that it could alter the course of your future if you decide you want or need it to…

When I explain to you how this secret works, your imagination will take over. Suddenly, you’ll realize that the fantasy life you’ve always dreamed of is at hand.

Let me explain…

There’s a secret world waiting for you

For decades, the world’s elite had exclusive access to places where the living is just a little easier, maybe even more affordable…and certainly more hospitable to high net worth individuals.

But now this world of secret possibilities is not just for the rich and famous. That’s why our experts in offshore living and investment opportunities have assembled a newly updated edition of the Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports…(better known as The Passport Book).

Once you know where these places are, how to access them, and what they have to offer, you can easily – and even affordably – join the jet-setters. Places like…

…a tax-free, crime-free mountain hideaway that is the best-kept secret of Europe. Rugged peaks and lush valleys offer picturesque views and an abundance of winter sports or summer hiking. Run by one of the last remaining medieval principalities, this country has had a stable democracy for years and offers a peaceful environment and solid economy. Better yet, residents and citizens are free from taxes – including income, capital gains, inheritance, sales or customs…

…a popular Mediterranean tourist destination surrounded by the azure sea and filled with ships of all shapes and sizes. Horse ranches, golf courses and resort areas make this a south of Europe playground – a booming economy and sound infrastructure make it a good place to conduct business, too. Recent entry into the European Union and some significant tax advantages are the icing on the cake.

…the portal country connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that is also a retirement dream. Year-round perfect weather, English spoken in most places, and an enviable tax status – especially for retired residents. Not to mention the irresistible draw of turquoise waters, secluded coves, swaying palm and cashew trees, giant coral reefs, pelicans, sea turtles, and brilliant tropical flowers everywhere you turn…

…deep Amazonian jungles, Andean highlands, and the Galapagos Islands will lure you to this slice of South America. The affordable standard of living, real estate bargains, and easy-going lifestyle will make you want to stay. Prove just $1,000 in monthly income and you can make this slice of heaven your home for as long as you like…

All you need to gain access to these incredible opportunities is a little information. You see, there are numerous countries that will welcome you with open arms.

Some want foreign investors…

Some open their borders to entrepreneurs and the self-employed…

Some invite artists and musicians to take up residency…

Some desperately need scientists, engineers, medical personnel, and other professionals to fill the gaps in their citizenry…

Still others welcome retirees with open arms – and show them a world that puts even the most elite independent living facility to shame…

Literally, dozens of countries will offer you the keys to the kingdom just for the asking …a world of privacy, safety, luxurious living, unspoiled environment, art and culture, nightlife, modern conveniences…whatever matters most to you – there’s a country that would invite you to come and enjoy opportunities that you may not be able to enjoy or afford in your home country…


How to open the door to this exclusive world of possibilities

A second passport could easily open the door to entire continents. You might qualify for one of many foreign residency programs that could significantly decrease your tax burden. You may even be able to achieve the status of dual citizen that will transform you into a ‘transnational’ – an enviable status that the rich and famous have used for years to protect themselves, their families and their wealth.

Obtain a few such documents and you suddenly gain access to things that few others know about. You can open a private offshore bank account…conduct lucrative international business activity…get tax breaks and special consideration as an international investor…

Here are just a few of the doors that can open to you – and that you will learn about in the newly updated Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports

Secret Door #1:

Citizenship in just one country in the European Union gives you automatic rights and privileges in all the rest

Secret Door #2:

Citizenship in any of the 14 Caribbean Commonwealth (CARICOM) grants you certain rights in all other member nations

Secret Door #3:

Citizenship in many Spanish-speaking Latin American countries offers an accelerated path to citizenship in Spain…which then opens the door to the rest of the European Union

Secret Door #4:

Persons who have ancestors from Ireland, Germany, Italy or Mexico may have an automatic right to dual citizenship if they can show proof of ancestry

Secret Door #5:

Economic investment in some nations offers access to citizenship, a passport and easy travel to and from those and many other countries

What do you want out of life? How do you want to live, travel, make your fortune, retire, and otherwise enjoy your life? You’ll soon see…the grass is greener on the other side of your national border.

The lifestyle you crave is waiting to be discovered…

Let the Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports show you places where the living is easier…cheaper…more beautiful…super-convenient…unrestricted…you name it, and it’s probably available to you somewhere in the world.

You just have to know where to look…

You can enjoy the best of tranquil country life – but only a few hours drive will take you to some of the world’s greatest cities. And the best secret is…you don’t even need a permit to live here. You can just move in!
With as little as $5,000 in a bank account, you can obtain residency rights – and eventually an EU passport! The cost of living is low and bargain property deals abound. Farmhouses with acres of land go for as little as $50,000 – and condominium apartments for as little as $25,000. Plus, this country boasts some of the best beaches and golf courses in the world.
How about a tax-free permanent residency in the ‘Isles of perpetual June?’ This little-known tax haven island enjoys one of the world’s most idyllic climates. Investment in an island-based business opportunity and you could obtain permanent residency rights.
Live like a person of great wealth in South Africa on only a modest salary. Purchase a luxury flat in downtown Cape Town for as little as $20,000. Or buy a magnificent ocean front mansion on the Indian Ocean for as little as $200,000.
Enjoy all the benefits and privileges of a British citizen without owing a penny in British taxes.


Obtain the world’s best passport for travel, investment and expanded opportunities (one in every six Americans is instantly eligible for one… many just don’t know it…could this apply to you?)
See if you qualify for tax-free residence in Austria. We reveal the details of Austria’s unpublicized residency program…and tell you the simple requirements you need to obtain residency and a passport in this beautiful country.
Find out which EU country allows people of independent means to rent an apartment and qualify for residency. You can live here and enjoy year-round sunshine, low prices, low rent and cheap domestic help in this popular offshore retirement haven – and eventually qualify for an EU passport.
See how to join one of the many enclaves of the super rich – access to such favorite tax havens as The Bahamas, Monaco, and Campione d’Italia will be at your fingertips!

And if it’s offshore business opportunities, you’re seeking, you’ll find out…

How to get a 75% subsidy of your business costs in the ‘Land of Opportunity.’ People from 60 nations all over the world have been seduced by the attractive offshore programs offered here. Seize these enormous benefits while you can. You can set up business and get major cash grants and extensive tax holidays…plus, enjoy a low cost of living and some of the world’s most outstanding scenery.
Where you can set up an international business corporation in less than a day for under a thousand dollars. You’ll be able to operate all your business transactions in total privacy in a nation that has some of the strongest asset protection laws in existence. What’s more, your company will owe no local taxes on income earned outside the country.
Move your entire company to a tropical paradise that is also a boating and yachting mecca. Its simple beauty is rivaled only by the business-friendly 90% exemption on corporate federal taxes on all worldwide income. Compare a U.S. tax liability on $2 million of $725,250 with a tax bill on this precious island of only $50,250 and you can use the savings to buy your own chartered jet to get there!
The industrialized European country that offers all kinds of cash grants, business loans and tax concessions to entrepreneurs and business people wishing to start up a business there.

How to get permanent residency in 60-90 days to live, work or invest in Brazil. From the deepest darkest jungles of the Amazon…to thousands of miles of unspoiled beaches…to the wild nightlife of Rio or Sao Paulo – Brazil could be the perfect second home for you. Escape cold weather, high taxes, government regulations, lawsuits and retreat to this warm, friendly, affordable country that is set to play a major role in the 21st Century.

You’ll discover all this and much more in your Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship and Second Passports

What’s holding you back?

I’m Erika Nolan, and I am the Executive Director of The Sovereign Society. We are an international group of investors who look for unique – and often exclusive – opportunities to grow and preserve our wealth, without being limited by national borders.

I get to travel around the world regularly to meet with our members and discuss global opportunities. I rarely meet anyone who doesn’t like the idea of having a second passport and dual citizenship. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to travel anywhere, anytime…earn a better return on your investments…maintain your wealth and privacy…or live a more luxurious life for less money?

But I do encounter a lot of misconceptions that hold people back from exploring the idea further. Here are a few of the myths I regularly hear – and the reality behind them…

Myth #1: A second passport will jeopardize your American citizenship. Reality: In 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of U.S. citizens to hold a second foreign passport without losing their U.S. citizenship. The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports will present you with over 50 opportunities to set up a passport and citizenship arrangement that will work for your unique situation and future plans.

Myth #2: Only drug traffickers, money launderers, black market arms dealers, and other shady characters want or need a second passport.

Reality: There are numerous reasons why law-abiding citizens might want or need a second passport and dual citizenship. Some get one for the adventure and romance of being able to travel to their favorite destinations at a moment’s notice. Getting a visa can take weeks! But with the right documents in order, you can come and go as you please.

Still others want easy and private access to foreign investments. In many cases, real estate bargains abound, opportunities to invest in developing nations are abundant, and locations where you can retire more affordably are bountiful. It’s all perfectly legal – it only sounds too good to be true.

Myth #3: You have to relocate permanently in the country of your new passport.

Reality: Every country has different residency requirements. Some don’t include residency as a requirement for holding one of their passports. Others require as little as a couple months of the year. A few long vacations, or an escape for the holidays, and you’ve fulfilled your ‘requirement’ – painlessly!

And of course, some places are so exquisite, you’ll want to pack up your things and take up residency – who wouldn’t? When you have the right information, you can pick a location that has the right residency requirement for you.

Myth #4: Second passports and dual citizenship are only available to the rich and famous.

Reality: Just about every desirable country in the world is open to new immigrants, regardless of their net worth. Depending on your profession, your ancestry, and other factors, you could be welcomed with open arms in many countries around the world.

The hardest question you’ll have to wrestle with is…how will you possibly pick from so many incredible opportunities?

Myth #5: A U.S. passport is safer and offers more protection when traveling abroad than those from other countries.

Reality: Even before 9/11 and the War on Terror changed the political landscape, holding an American passport could get you in deep trouble in some hot spots around the world. Like a decade ago, when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Many of those with U.S. passports who tried to leave the country were held as hostages and detained, but people with passports from Canada or other politically neutral countries were granted safe passage. In recent years, the risks associated with traveling under an American passport have become even more grave. Having a second passport tucked in your back pocket could be your saving grace should you ever encounter a dangerous situation while abroad.

Not just any passport will do…

Whether it appeals to your sense of security, or your sense of adventure, you can see how a second passport could come in handy. But before you rush into acquiring one, I have a cautionary note for you as well…

There are a lot of schemes and swindlers out there who will be happy to fulfill your request for documentation. Unfortunately, their fee will be high…and the documents they give you won’t be worth the cost of the paper they’re printed on…

Getting a valid and useful second passport – or deciding where you might like to have your dual citizenship – requires some due diligence. And expertise. And time. Something most of us don’t have enough of already…

That’s why we asked our colleague, Robert E. Bauman, to research and write this exhaustive, up-to-date resource that lays out all the facts and opportunities available to you in one easy-to-access guidebook. Mr. Bauman is a member of the District of Columbia bar, a former member of the U.S. Congress, and the editor of The Sovereign Society’s offshore e-mail publication, The Sovereign Society Offshore A-Letter . He is also the author of numerous publications about offshore issues and opportunities.

But Bob Bauman isn’t the sole author of this landmark publication. Specialists in issues of taxation, citizenship, legal documentation and immigration added their perspective and insider information to this comprehensive manual as well. Experts such as Marshall Langer, author of The Tax Exile Report, and Christian Kahlin, director of Henley and Partners, Inc., one of the world’s leading citizenship and immigration firms.


One-size-fits-all won’t do…

You deserve a tailored offshore solution

Deciding on the right fit for you is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your preferences are of the utmost importance. Do you like skiing or sunbathing…snorkeling or mountain-climbing…piña coladas or high tea…rolling hillsides or sandy beaches…tax breaks or inexpensive living…cheap real estate or business opportunities. Or all of the above!

The passport opportunity you choose should be as unique as your circumstances and preferences – and your private hopes and dreams for your future.

When you embark on your journey through the Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports, you’ll break open a world of possibilities without leaving your living room sofa. Every page will transport you to the secret coves, hidden gardens, and exclusive opportunities that exist only for people like you.

Willing to explore. Open to possibility. Not content with limited options, untapped wealth, undiscovered corners of the world. Instead, you become a transnational – a citizen of the world – and by doing so, your life transcends borders and limitations.


Escape to a reality of your own making

The U.S. just made it through a tight election – things will get better for some people, and worse for others. The war in Iraq continues, the U.S. PATRIOT Act constricts freedom in its effort to thwart terrorists, and the U.S. debt burden grows.

You can escape into a good book. Or you can escape to a tropical paradise. Or both.

With a second passport tucked into your back pocket, you can rest assured that if one door closes to you, another will always open. As globalization continues and new free trade agreements are negotiated daily, the world is getting smaller – and the opportunities are getting bigger.

You can enjoy all that the world has to offer…unspoiled beaches of St. Kitts and Nevis…ancient ruins of Greece and Rome…nightlife in Brazil…warm breezes in Oaxaca…art and culture in Prague…high tea in the highlands…or a tax-free mountain retreat that is Europe’s best-kept secret…

So don’t let another ocean breeze pass you by – order your Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passports right away. The regular price is US$129 – but because we have just issued this newly updated edition, I can make it available to you for just US$99. That’s a savings of US$30 for the latest information, hot-off-the-presses, more comprehensive than we’ve ever offered before.

What’s more, you get 60 risk-free days to review the manual. If you’re not completely satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.

A secret world of possibilities…luxury…freedom…security…wealth protection…and peace-of-mind will be sent to your door today at the click of your mouse. It’s that simple.

This private and exclusive world is waiting for you. But please hurry. The world is changing a little bit every day. Doors can close, too, if you put off your decision. Don’t go through your life never knowing what might have been.


Erika Nolan

Executive Director, The Sovereign Society

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