Quick Start – Part 12

Setting Goals

Which type of deal do you think you are most attracted to and why?

1. Wholesaling to Cash Investor Buyer (Assign or Double Close)

2. Buy, Fix and Resell to Retail Home Buyer

3. Control with Lease Option or Buy on sub2 or Wrap or Land Contract, then rent out

4. Build a Rental Portfolio with Traditional Financing.

Question for you…..

What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve in each of these 4 time frames…..

1.  in 30 days:

2.  in 90 days:

3.  in 6 Months:

4.  in 1 Year:

Set a goal as to how much time you will dedicate to real estate investing each day or each week.

Take your main goal and come up with short-term goals that you must achieve first:

List as many consequences you can if you fail to take action to change your financial future

(i.e. Will be stuck in a dead-end job, 

won’t be able to spend as much time with family, etc.)

I will next place ACTIONABLE STEPS to achieve your goals as a creative and successful real estate investor.