Quick Start – Part 13

What I LOVE about sending to Listed houses a plan B in case your agent fails them to get the right price and terms is the seller wants to SELL!


My Marketing for Sellers Plan is

1. Mail to Listed Houses – good neighborhoods, long DOM (days on the market), every week til they tell me to stop mailing. Mix it up, use letters, post cards, etc.

2. Expired Listings – they need to be fresh, just expireds, Door Knock, tell them you are a Lease Purchase Specialist, and you can get them full price without a commission.

3. FSBOs – tell the FSBO you can get top price at appraisal with Lease Purchase generally in 4 weeks. You could do a non exclusive option, where they could sell it or you could sell it.

4. FRBOs – tell the Landlords you can get 2 year lease (12 months with an extension for another 12 months) if they could sell the property at the end of the lease for top dollar with no agents commissions.

5. Wholesalers – Tell the Wholesalers that you will pay them a marketing fee for 3-4 B 2 B properties in certain zip codes. Go see them and write up a formal agreement, pay them 1099.

6. Get a blog on Active Rain or other agent site. Talk about the advantages of Lease Purchase for their listings in the tightened credit environment of Dodd Frank and the Safe Act.

7. Give speeches – Go to the Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Rotary, get the word out. You solve problems. If you cant sell your home I can help. If you cant get a home loan I can help. Practice giving speeches at


Now go make some Money!