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    Hi Brian, I’ve seen a lot of your replied on Bigger Pockets and am hoping this is a good place to ask a question on this topic. I am licensed in CA and I’ve bought and sold a few personal homes with minor rehab and have taken extensive education by people such as Jack Shea and Jim Napier and many local experts, so my questions are not about what each strategy is. Currently, I’m not working, but have the proceeds from the sale of my house and want to invest in a way that I can generate chunks of cash to then have what I need to live on before I do things that are more of a slower growth. I keyed in on lease options and assignments as a possible way to do this. I think you seem to know more of the current legalities and what actually works than Joe Mccall, who offers a course. I’ve taken Jack Shea’s course and talk with him as needed, so for things like forms, I can reach him, I would just like your opinion on if making offers on property that’s been listed a long time would be good to do this lease option and if it’s possible to make the $3000 or so from selling or assigning that option, It seems that it would be better to go after those properties rather than market for sellers, especially since I do have cash I can use for option money.


    Hi Joe,

    Text me on 818 400 3046 and I will talk to you about what you want to do.